Before I kick the bucket.

Curled up in my cave for 1 hour, waiting for my headache to subside. So, I ended up on WordPress. I need to post something before my blog slowly sleep in peace. I’ve heard my stomach yelling “You need to find a place to chow down”or else. So, the kitchen was the best spot. And queries slowly coming as I chewed, digesting every bit.

How come, I ended with this title? Have you ever felt this way? That you need to list down some stuff you always wanted to do. A certain feeling that someone punched you/tapped your shoulder whispering ” Are you ready to make your kicking moments before you kick the bucket. Jaw dropped. Yes!

I’m not going to give you some apples to eat with a little spell inside. But rather, share random things that are kicking inside:

Please let this work!

Please let this work!

  • Start a blog. I’m enjoying the fact that Once upon a time I called myself a blogger.It started last April 2010. When my eyes are glued to the monitor screen, I saw these lines saying “A better way to blog”. Wow! Seriously. A day when the world winks at me , and decided to clicked the sign up button and the birth of my blog happened. Hurray! One down, more to go!
  • I want to post something that will make me on Freshly Pressed (wink, wink). Everybody wants to be Freshly pressed. It’s like one of the major awards here. Anyway, it is just a matter of time even it takes years and counting and good jump-pack ideas to get there. Come on! I post once in a blue moon, so my chance is nearly 5% or something. So, I have to post as much as I can. Be your own cheerleader and blog all day.
  • I want to post something about my wedding and my 50th wedding anniversary. Oh God gracious, I’m already planning a wedding in my head.
  • Take care of my parents when they get old. Supply them with unconditional love and support.
  • Read more books.
  • Make my parents proud of me. That’s every child’s dream.
  • Say this phrase to someone unkind to me ” I love when you underestimate me. It’s motivation“. Smile a lot and slowly walk away.
  • Write a letter of appreciation to my best-friend.
  • Learn to dance Salsa.
  • Meet my favorite author.
  • Get a real stable job and be financially self-sufficient.
  • A library filled with amazing books.
  • Develop my intuition.
  • Run a marathon. Sweat.Sweat.Sweat
  • Relax myself in the heat of the moment. I need to be more laid-back and tell them ” Don’t try to do a snow job on me”
  • Visit holy land.
  • Meet amazing co-bloggers.
  • Become a full-time parent.
  • Have a child and watch them grow.
  • Meet a monk/Pope.
  • Take a hot air balloon ride.
  • Learn to breathe right. Inhale. Exhale. Just breath.
  • Hug the person who annoyed me over the past years,to let them know I’ve survived.
  • Have a heart to heart talk to a complete stranger.
  • Read the book ” Before I die” by Jenny Downham.
  • Conquer my fear and dare to say “Watch out, fear! I’m going to get you down,rawr!”
  • Travel solo and get lost intentionally.
  • Go gaga for one day. Sing this “I’m sexy and I know it, I’m sexy and I know it “(10x)

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”-Zig Ziglar

  • Teach somebody something.
  • Learn to appreciate my present life. As I always do!
  • Learn to appreciate one song every day.
  • Take a walk in the rain without getting wet. LOL
  • Be my own boss.
  • Renew my vows after strong years.
  • Learn different languages.“Estoy por escribirla.”
  • Look for moments of transcendence.
  • Make a life changing decision over a toss coin.
  • Experience a sunset and sunrise.
  • Organize a costume party for my grandchildren.
  • Be proud of myself.
  • Have fun. Be happy.
  • Ask others: “Why do people want to do stuff before they die?”
  • The utmost thing. Make Jesus the Lord of my life. It is more than an adrenaline rush.

It is actually simple things that make our life happy. Sometimes, we don’t need those adrenaline rush, ( hey,at some point we need it. We only live once, so dive in and get it on!) Sometimes, we simply need simple facts to be alive, simple reasons to breath in and out, simple faith to keep on track and simple people that makes our lives simply amazing. Have you ever felt this suppleness. Awesomeness! And at the end of the road you’ll end up saying “AND THE KICK IS SO GOOD”. I bet you have your own bucket list. Whether we do it or not, I’m wishing that we don’t end up regretting because life is simply asking us to enjoy this very moment.

Going back in my cave and have to hit the rack.I am going to go bananas if I don’t get enough sleep.I am going to push-off now and rack out for 8 hours.”Ta ta for now”

Note to self/others:Don’t Die Young, you have a lot of things to do.Long life.

How about you? Would you like to share your own bucket list before you kick the bucket. Kick and drop me a comment.


Mr. and Mrs. February asked you: you’re single?

Let’s go down to business. According to Wikipedia, February is the second month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendars. It is the shortest month and the only month with fewer than 30 days. The month has 28 days in common years and 29 days in leap years. Got it!

And now let’s define February in my own quirky way:love month where all couples eating a box of sweet chocolates, holding a bunch of roses, dating in a quiet romantic place and love month where couples worldwide throwing cheesy lines. I’ve got five for you folks:
I hope you know CPR, because you take my breath away!
Was your father an alien? Because there’s nothing else like you on earth!
I may not be a Genie but I can make your dreams come true.
Do you have a map? I just keep on getting lost in your eyes.
Do you have a Band-aid? I just scrapped my knee falling for you.

February. A love month, celebrating Valentines Day. And most people were asking: you’re single? You’re single? A basic question that usually erupts every month of February. You’re single! A common shock statement when they can’t believe you’re still single in your golden age.” Ooh you’re single!?” an emphatic response coming from someone, that sometimes sounds annoying.Whoa, you’re single!!!! A shout out when they are overly occupied with joy because you finally let yourself out from that freaking relationship. You’re single? A flat affect reminder from Mr and Mrs. February, as if they are asking you, what would it be, being single on Valentines day. And at the back of your mind, you’re saying “Hello, what planet do you live on? Haven’t you experienced being single, just for once? Since you want to show them how happy you are being single, you will act like a tough one saying ” I’m still enjoying being single,waiting for the right prince, blah, blah, blah with an alluring smile.

And you’re lucky if you will recognize Mr. and Mrs. February. Those people who adore the word “love”, who are severely enjoying asking people “you’re single?” who are addicted to love surprises and the ones who are fascinated with love month and romance. And they were a lot of Mr. and Mrs. February in our lives,just take a moment to think who they are. And thank them for shaking your world, that being single is a part of life, in which we are patiently waiting for the right person. That being single is a momentum to experience and a preparation for a committed life ahead. To know more what else we can give for love, to rebuild a stronger heart and how to love unconditionally.
Hope all of us meet our expected date this valentines day. Whether single or happily taken, you should try to take yourself out with your friends and loved ones. And expect Mr. and Mrs. February along the way.


Letter: Dear Believers 2012

Dear Believers 2012,

Here we go again! The all time favorite which is making a list of resolutions, wishes, things to do /not to do, and promises for this year 2012. We all know that reality bites and we should watch every belief that randomly going on in our minds. And I guess Year 2012 were going to say this “GOOD LUCK”. Smirking! But still  it’s nice to hear “GOD BLESS” with a genuine smile.

Now, it’s time to make ourselves be more enthusiastic to believe again in our  dreams,  goals, unfinished business/love affair or whatsoever we want to make-believe. (I’m exactly telling it to myself, Believe!)  Or I should call it another year of chances to believe again and make it.

Have you ever  caught yourself raising hands and saying I Believe, believe, believe in your most dramatic moment. It’s like you’re the only one standing and felt like you defeated your fear and waking up like you’re a brand new person. Whew! It’s no joke, but I’ve seen a lot. It’s like they make miracles. What I mean is giving ourselves a potent chance to make it. It’s like giving yourself a favor to glow in the dark, having a feeling that you can conquer all odds.

(A bubbling and glowing moment of my sister)

And there’s nothing wrong with that positivity, even you do it in your most exaggerating way. It’s how you deal with it. A self-affirmation to cover up the whole day. Inhaling positive introspection and exhaling negative inclination. So, I decided to elaborate my perception on believing.

1. Believing is a powerful choice.

We all have the power to extract every single detail we want to dig deeper into our life, even though there were certain unexpected happenings that getting in our way, yet we must pursue what choices we will choose. Yes, picking up choices is not as easy depending on the situation. Maybe you’ll have some dilemma in few consecutive nights and sluggish eye-bags of course. But mind you, it’s the first step to let you know how capable you are. Let yourself examine and digest every bit of what magnificent choice that stuck in your mind.The bottom line, it’s mainly an individual choice. Believing is a choice and one way of saying that we are simply powerful making choices to believe.

2. Believing is a head turning decision.

Left or right? Choices, now it’s time to decide. The act of deciding to believe. We all undergo the time pressure situation to decide which one. But jumping into it is a risky thing yet it makes you an egregious person who wants to make an initiative to make it worth believing. This moment takes a second look with wide eyes open.

3. Believing is a strong emotion.

We tend to depend on an emotion every day, either we want it to be a glorious day nor a cloudy day. It seems that we are fully involved in a situation that merely a strong emotion immersed to justify what we want. We are injecting healthy emotion to believe. It is something that flows within saying ” you are going to smile and believe today.

4. Believing is a freedom.

We are capable of doing such things we want. You can entirely be a sole survivor on  your own way. You can toss yourself in believing on whatever principles you have but learn to respect other rules. Practicing and applying  rules that you believe is freedom itself.

5. Believing is an act of faith.

A deeper side of us believes that every strong faith that boils within is entitled to soar up high, to make this believing an extraordinary event in our life. It is  believing that God will either catch us nor help us fly to make it. We just have to believe and believe again.

We all have ways to believe. If you believe that you can make it, you’re right. Well, everyone is capable of believing. So, better pack your choices, grab your decisions, take a look, feel free do it and believe. Believe again. There were always a consequence for everything but trying to believe is one way to deal with life’s defy. It may harm you, beat you for an instance or on the positive side, it can be a life changing. And to sum it up, believing is a personal and optional. Fellow believers 2012, make your way to believe again. And say to yourself “I believe, believe, believe”, and always make an initiative to work on it. And again I’m telling it to myself to believe again. I believe.

Yours truly,

Miss L


JESUS shines on me,shine on us!

In every dark alley, there’s always a ray of light. In every dark room, there’s always a glance of light. Because God is there holding his torch, illuminating our way towards him. And in every morning until the end of the day Jesus shines on us and an amazing moment will bound to happen——- a melting moment with God.

Everybody experiences darkness and sightless moment. But how we visualize light from darkness is one step forward to survive.Since no one is exempted. I found myself walking in a dark path. I struggled to choose which way to go. A friend of mine told me “A plant cannot thrive without sunshine”. Her words left me hanging and random thoughts strike me that one day I will realize what sunshine means to me, who it was in my life and its amazing grace. As I walked on, I firmly hold onto my Faith in the midst of  tempting darkness. I bumped on the wrong corner and tried to walk again. I insist to fight for the light and clasp my hands together to pray. God said ….” I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU NOR FORSAKE YOU”   Hebrews 13-5

A reminder that no matter how dark inside our world, God will take us out for us to see the light. No matter what decision we made, He will be at our side to back up, if darkness will try to push us from the dark pit of doubt and fear. God will open our hearts to see keenly his abundant light.

And my melting point happened!!!…I opened the window, I saw the sun rising, shining like it was the first time I saw it. I was mesmerized. I lift my hand higher that put’s me in praising the LORD, without words but with a heart full of joy. Now I knew what sunshine means to me. Sunshine implies having GOD in my life and having all significant people who help me to broaden my FAITH in God. The darkness fled and faded away. It’s like the smell of God’s amazing presence pervades the surroundings. A melting moment with God. A moment when I felt God’s inextinguishable  light and love that warms me from head to toe.

My friend said “A plant cannot thrive without sunshine”.So,” Human cannot thrive without GOD”!!!!!!!!!

JESUS shines on me,shine on us!




Move Closer……

We can’t please life to be fair to us. It is expected. Sudden changes can snap nor slap our face to tell us, ” are you willing to take one more step to move closer”. Closer to GOD. Closer to your DREAM. Closer to the one you LOVED.

Life will test our inner strength. Expect hard blows of the wind along your way. Subversive challenges can make you quiver with fright. Sagacious trick can make you blind. And you’ll probably act like your life is overrated. Provoking circumstances will try to brag you down. And when you feel it’s the end and feel like you’re at the edge of cutting every line in your life, to the point that you’re giving up……..PONDER AND TRY TO CONSIDER HOW OUR GOOD LORD GAVE US HIS LIFE. Try to consider every little thing you have. Try to consider every significant person in your life. Try to consider all the LOVE that you received every day. TRY TO CONSIDER TO MOVE CLOSER…….

It might be hard due to default situations. But there’s always a probability that we can make it…Step by step. Little by little. Because everything takes time! If we want a better life, it should be started knowing GOD.  And you’ll see the grace of God helping us, to move closer to our FAITH, DREAMS, HAPPINESS,LOVE….


MOVE CLOSER to reach the highest peak of your dream, God will take our empty hands to fill it with enthusiasm.

MOVE CLOSER to be heard, God always listens in every prayer that installed in our hearts.

MOVE CLOSER to learn ,GOD is indeed the best teacher who is willing to teach us valuable lessons about life.

MOVE CLOSER to fly, GOD will give his wings to take us higher.

Move closer….Our lord is certain that HE is there to lift our feet to make a small step every day, in so many ways. Through a simple prayer, a smile to stranger, forgiving heart, and letting ourselves enjoy life in spite of different challenges…..SO, MOVE CLOSER……


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The man behind my back.

God poured so much blessing. He gave me a man who can stand 24/7 behind my back. The man with a big heart. My protection. My hero………………………MY SUPERDAD!!!!

We are indeed blessed for having a man in our life who is driven with LOVE and FAITH.

A man who believes in the LORD’S mighty power.

A man who is born with an eagle wing.

A man who can give all for his children.

A man who chooses to carry all the loads and weights of life’s defy.

A man who strongly believes in our dreams no matter how hopeless.

A man who is willing to undergo different hardships.

A man who works for extra hours.

A man who can appreciate every detail in our life.

A man who agree nor disagree to clarify every decision.

A man who is willing to shed tears and laugh with us.

A man who can give a FATHERLY HUG AND KISSES.

A man who cheers us in every game we played.

A man who is willing to render his own life.,,,,,,,not merely because it’s their responsibility BUT BECAUSE OF THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE THAT FLOWS NATURALLY.

We may experience rough road, rainy days, helpless nights but rest assured we’ve  got a special someone at our back whom we call “daddy, papa, tatay,…who can rescue us without any hesitation!!!…,who grab our hands firmly until we finally got scared……Having a father means a lot. Childhood days with him is a ravishing treasure that’s worth keeping. A single day with him can make a difference. So, each of us must be aware that being a father is really a tough responsibility, that’s why we should recognize and love them every single moment in our life and be grateful to GOD……

Happy Fathers day to all…………

John 15:9

As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Abide in my love.

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In the silence of the night…………….PRAY

The silence of the night started to fall like dry leaves  floating on air as it finally reached the ground. I saw the darkness knocking outside my window shield. As I invite the night with courage, It made me feel like one of the bravest women alive. I set aside all my fears in spite of the grim appearance of the night. Doubtless, I locked the door. Turn on the light as I turn my faith on. I knelt down, bow my head and uttered my evening prayer.


Oh Lord, thank you for this enchanting night. Along with your divine grace, let me feel your presence. My heart was overwhelmed with joy and my spirit was dancing  like a wild flower  standing in the middle of the darkest forest.

Forgive me oh Lord, for the times I’ve been tempted to abhor such things and for being a half-hearted in my work. I know that sin disfigures the beauty of my soul, but I firmly believe in you. In front of this darkness and silence, I know you’re holding my hands. Calm my spirit and console my sorrow. Let me learn to accept my defeat with all complacency. Let your words shine on me, like the moon and the stars yearning for your light. Let me feel your warm embrace, a lullaby that will send me to sleep. And let the world feel the silence that will bring peace and let all troubles drift away.

As I close my eyes oh Lord, I’m looking forward to another new morning. Another day, another chance to experience the rain showers of your love. Let the world fall asleep and wake-up for a new morning with LOVE in our hearts.

Bless us Oh Lord. Amen


And the far-off rumble of thunder break the silence of the night. The Lord was giving me a hint before I go to sleep,…………. “DON’T BE DISHEARTENED MY CHILD”.


1 Thessalonians 5:17

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