Rescue me

Bad day???…

Bad hair day???…..

I felt that I’m weak and restless. At the back of my mind, I’m calling for someone who’s willing to  rescue me. (Someone who’s big enough to carry me,strong enough to protect me and who have extraordinary strength to make a great escape from this drowning periods of my life——like superman,batman…. oh I need someone who’s stronger than those superheroes…I mean someone who can pacify me……… It’s the LORD….)

I wanted to remain calm as possible yet the heat of the sun added to the heavy feelings I kept inside.I told myself to loosen up and enjoy the moment but the stubborn emotion dropped and burst. I knew it, I can’t control it…uhhhh sigh,sigh. I hate this day because of the fact that some uncertain circumstances confront me without any warning. And that makes me sick. Unfortunately, I can’t control all bad memories. There are some unfavorable circumstances that try to ruin my day,I felt suffocated and worn-out from the thing I’ve done in the past. But I don’t want to end this day with a sigh and be bothered until night.

I still want to persuade myself to look at a brighter side. Yeah,,,I’ve learned my lesson–Be ready to cope and adapt to uncertain situations. Every day is a big surprise. Welcome life open arms because there’s someone upstairs; guiding us.Well, I’m pretty sure that “‘I’m still the person before who wants to go beyond my goal”. There’s nothing wrong to aim higher and it gave me a good feedback to regain my perspective in life. And the utmost reason why I am doing this stuff….for the LORD, who never ceases to love me, for my family and friends who never give up on me….

So next time, when challenges strike on me. I will remain calm, look up straight and try to figure out what it is.. Because it’s a reminder that God is there to lift me up….

Lord ,thank you for rescuing me……AMEN


2 comments on “Rescue me

  1. Hi Lilet!

    I am so glad you found peace in God! Can’t wait to read of your posts!

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