Two thumbs up!!!

I want to recognize those people;
——who are willing to surmount life’s defy.
——who are willing to stand for something worth fighting for.
——who are willing to appreciate life in spite of enormous difficulties.
——who are willing to run an extra mile to meet his/her goal at the finish line.
——who are willing to accept inevitable circumstances with respect.
——who are willing to comprehend life with patience.
——who are willing to expand their patience over pressured situation.
——who are willing to move backward to admit their failures then moving forward to grab another chance to correct their mistakes.
——who are willing to love without expecting in return.
——who are willing to serve GOD in simple ways yet extraordinary.


Lord, bless those people and let them continue to spread their wings. Soar high!!!!


2 comments on “Two thumbs up!!!

  1. Great list! I praise God for filling your heart so with His love that it overflows to others in this way. Your blog is a light to those in need of that love.

    Thanks for visiting “Light’s Scribe” and liking a couple of the posts there. Your blog and your participation in mine are a source of encouragement. I pray God blesses this work and continues to empower you to shine.

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