What’s the good thing about CRYING???

I’ve done it perfectly and yet at the end of it………

I hate the idea of wiping my tears , seeing myself drowning in tears and seeing  someone else having trouble dealing with their own tears. I felt like there’s too much pain and suffering and those tears are visible evidence that crying is a terrible thing….But there are certain realization that poke me about crying….the GOOD SIDE
Until I’ve learned how to cry with my heart. It’s not that bad at all. Well, all of us need a GOOD CRY., for us to realize that our eyes along with our heart can see and feel what’s inside and what’s outside. Tears are flowing because there’s a need to fill up those empty spaces within each of us.
Crying is the voice that implies different meanings…..
It could be a moment when you feel that everything seems to go wrong and you want to let it out to make it right.
It could be a moment when you feel that there’s no way out and you want to try another path.
It could be a moment when you feel that there’s no point at all and you want to expand what you deserve to have.
It could be a moment when you want to lessen the anxiety that provoke your spirit.
It could be a moment when you want to alleviate the pain that boils within.
It could be a moment of HAPPINESS.
When you feel too much joy within.
When you reached the top of your dream.
When you see the results of your earned hardship turning into a big boom success

And whatever reasons behind why you are crying
…..it happened and tears are flowing…..

Crying is the process that we can’t deny. It is part of being human, part of living and dying. It came together with different emotions that we will encounter at the end of the day. And it depends on each of us on how we will handle our CRYING moments.
The Good thing about having a good cry is how we appreciate the impact of dealing with the moment, the after reaction that we will look forward, the relief of every drop…and  we can positively stand firm and wipe our tears any way we want and to know that there’s someone UP they’re looking on us…. someone who’s willing to listen,  someone who can tap our shoulder, someone who can give you a warm hug and kisses and can say ” ah I understand….things will turn out all right”.

I’ve done it perfectly and yet at the end of it………I’ve learned something behind CRYING.

Oooops…maybe I’m getting too emotional today. And I feel the urge to have a good cry, and any moment from now my tears will burst.Good thing I have my handkerchief and pillow with me….

A blessed day!!!!


6 comments on “What’s the good thing about CRYING???

  1. Wow…I don’t understand..how you can be so positive about every thing…your writing distills your emotions very clearly…good god!..well done!…keep on writing like this…..and I am sure that those who know you shall forget their crying when they read your posts!….:D

  2. Thank you……It was so inspiring and uplifting reading your messages.
    stay blessed!!!!…….

  3. Thanks for sharing.. : ) nice post. : )

  4. You’re welcome Storm Rider. thanks for liking and commenting!

  5. I agree… sometimes we need a good cry, its a release when there are just no words..

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