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Brave lovely FLOWERS………


One gloomy morning as  I woke up, I expected that the sun will shine but here it comes the rain……started to fall. I wondered what’s the best thing to do, until something caught my attention….such LOVELY FLOWERS, that gave me an instant lighter feeling. And for that moment I became an avid fan. I witnessed how nature collides and speaking in a mysterious manner. Speechless ……………I was amazed how those lovely flowers managed to handle unexpected raindrops, hitting their petals. Some petals fall off to the ground due to strong rushing force of raindrops. Those brave lovely flowers know how to deal with the rain.

I can’t take my  eyes off how those flowers kept moving side by side as the wind blows harder. Flowers are dancing along with the rhythm of the wind; rejoicing and praising. And here it comes the sun smiling. Guess what…, who’s coming…..bees and butterflies that craving for nectar. Oh, what a sharing moment with God’s living creatures.

Flowers are like valiant warriors facing inevitable attacks of different seasons, coping each uncertain treatment of nature itself, though flowers still continue to stand firm on the ground,  waiting for the sun to shine.

A wonderful nature attachment, an experience that usually I have taken for granted. It felt like GOD is communicating through nature……saying “BE LIKE FLOWERS, BLOOM WITH ME AND YOU’LL OVERCOME EVERYTHING.”


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