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In the silence of the night…………….PRAY

The silence of the night started to fall like dry leaves  floating on air as it finally reached the ground. I saw the darkness knocking outside my window shield. As I invite the night with courage, It made me feel like one of the bravest women alive. I set aside all my fears in spite of the grim appearance of the night. Doubtless, I locked the door. Turn on the light as I turn my faith on. I knelt down, bow my head and uttered my evening prayer.


Oh Lord, thank you for this enchanting night. Along with your divine grace, let me feel your presence. My heart was overwhelmed with joy and my spirit was dancing  like a wild flower  standing in the middle of the darkest forest.

Forgive me oh Lord, for the times I’ve been tempted to abhor such things and for being a half-hearted in my work. I know that sin disfigures the beauty of my soul, but I firmly believe in you. In front of this darkness and silence, I know you’re holding my hands. Calm my spirit and console my sorrow. Let me learn to accept my defeat with all complacency. Let your words shine on me, like the moon and the stars yearning for your light. Let me feel your warm embrace, a lullaby that will send me to sleep. And let the world feel the silence that will bring peace and let all troubles drift away.

As I close my eyes oh Lord, I’m looking forward to another new morning. Another day, another chance to experience the rain showers of your love. Let the world fall asleep and wake-up for a new morning with LOVE in our hearts.

Bless us Oh Lord. Amen


And the far-off rumble of thunder break the silence of the night. The Lord was giving me a hint before I go to sleep,…………. “DON’T BE DISHEARTENED MY CHILD”.


1 Thessalonians 5:17


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