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The man behind my back.

God poured so much blessing. He gave me a man who can stand 24/7 behind my back. The man with a big heart. My protection. My hero………………………MY SUPERDAD!!!!

We are indeed blessed for having a man in our life who is driven with LOVE and FAITH.

A man who believes in the LORD’S mighty power.

A man who is born with an eagle wing.

A man who can give all for his children.

A man who chooses to carry all the loads and weights of life’s defy.

A man who strongly believes in our dreams no matter how hopeless.

A man who is willing to undergo different hardships.

A man who works for extra hours.

A man who can appreciate every detail in our life.

A man who agree nor disagree to clarify every decision.

A man who is willing to shed tears and laugh with us.

A man who can give a FATHERLY HUG AND KISSES.

A man who cheers us in every game we played.

A man who is willing to render his own life.,,,,,,,not merely because it’s their responsibility BUT BECAUSE OF THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE THAT FLOWS NATURALLY.

We may experience rough road, rainy days, helpless nights but rest assured we’ve  got a special someone at our back whom we call “daddy, papa, tatay,…who can rescue us without any hesitation!!!…,who grab our hands firmly until we finally got scared……Having a father means a lot. Childhood days with him is a ravishing treasure that’s worth keeping. A single day with him can make a difference. So, each of us must be aware that being a father is really a tough responsibility, that’s why we should recognize and love them every single moment in our life and be grateful to GOD……

Happy Fathers day to all…………

John 15:9

As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Abide in my love.


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