Move Closer……

We can’t please life to be fair to us. It is expected. Sudden changes can snap nor slap our face to tell us, ” are you willing to take one more step to move closer”. Closer to GOD. Closer to your DREAM. Closer to the one you LOVED.

Life will test our inner strength. Expect hard blows of the wind along your way. Subversive challenges can make you quiver with fright. Sagacious trick can make you blind. And you’ll probably act like your life is overrated. Provoking circumstances will try to brag you down. And when you feel it’s the end and feel like you’re at the edge of cutting every line in your life, to the point that you’re giving up……..PONDER AND TRY TO CONSIDER HOW OUR GOOD LORD GAVE US HIS LIFE. Try to consider every little thing you have. Try to consider every significant person in your life. Try to consider all the LOVE that you received every day. TRY TO CONSIDER TO MOVE CLOSER…….

It might be hard due to default situations. But there’s always a probability that we can make it…Step by step. Little by little. Because everything takes time! If we want a better life, it should be started knowing GOD.  And you’ll see the grace of God helping us, to move closer to our FAITH, DREAMS, HAPPINESS,LOVE….


MOVE CLOSER to reach the highest peak of your dream, God will take our empty hands to fill it with enthusiasm.

MOVE CLOSER to be heard, God always listens in every prayer that installed in our hearts.

MOVE CLOSER to learn ,GOD is indeed the best teacher who is willing to teach us valuable lessons about life.

MOVE CLOSER to fly, GOD will give his wings to take us higher.

Move closer….Our lord is certain that HE is there to lift our feet to make a small step every day, in so many ways. Through a simple prayer, a smile to stranger, forgiving heart, and letting ourselves enjoy life in spite of different challenges…..SO, MOVE CLOSER……



3 comments on “Move Closer……

  1. Nice post
    Yes we all need to move closer with God’s help
    All the best, Jenny

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