JESUS shines on me,shine on us!

In every dark alley, there’s always a ray of light. In every dark room, there’s always a glance of light. Because God is there holding his torch, illuminating our way towards him. And in every morning until the end of the day Jesus shines on us and an amazing moment will bound to happen——- a melting moment with God.

Everybody experiences darkness and sightless moment. But how we visualize light from darkness is one step forward to survive.Since no one is exempted. I found myself walking in a dark path. I struggled to choose which way to go. A friend of mine told me “A plant cannot thrive without sunshine”. Her words left me hanging and random thoughts strike me that one day I will realize what sunshine means to me, who it was in my life and its amazing grace. As I walked on, I firmly hold onto my Faith in the midst of  tempting darkness. I bumped on the wrong corner and tried to walk again. I insist to fight for the light and clasp my hands together to pray. God said ….” I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU NOR FORSAKE YOU”   Hebrews 13-5

A reminder that no matter how dark inside our world, God will take us out for us to see the light. No matter what decision we made, He will be at our side to back up, if darkness will try to push us from the dark pit of doubt and fear. God will open our hearts to see keenly his abundant light.

And my melting point happened!!!…I opened the window, I saw the sun rising, shining like it was the first time I saw it. I was mesmerized. I lift my hand higher that put’s me in praising the LORD, without words but with a heart full of joy. Now I knew what sunshine means to me. Sunshine implies having GOD in my life and having all significant people who help me to broaden my FAITH in God. The darkness fled and faded away. It’s like the smell of God’s amazing presence pervades the surroundings. A melting moment with God. A moment when I felt God’s inextinguishable  light and love that warms me from head to toe.

My friend said “A plant cannot thrive without sunshine”.So,” Human cannot thrive without GOD”!!!!!!!!!

JESUS shines on me,shine on us!




23 comments on “JESUS shines on me,shine on us!

  1. “A melting moment with God. A moment when I felt God’s inextinguishable light and love that warms me from head to toe.”

    I have read so many journal that acknowldge God and even talk of a walk with God but this is the first blog i have read that explains in great depth the personal experience with our God.

    You express your deep relation with Him so clearly

    What a beautiful post. I actually think I have stumbled across your blog post as an answer to the questions in my own blog post.


    • Thank’s Missjlouise

      I’m glad that my blog post serve as an answer.
      Just hang on tight with GOD. He will give you marvelous answer to all your questions.

      May you experience the melting moment with GOD.

      God bless you

  2. Hi Miss Lilet!

    Thanks so much for your visit today and for liking “The Right Path.” I hope you’ll visit again and I’ll look forward to perusing your faithful blog, too! 🙂

  3. Nice post! Really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and liking my posts. Really means a lot! Now, the one thing that came to mind as I was reading your post was a song by my favourite Christian Rock/Pop group of all time: Zoegirl. The song your post reminds me of is called, “Feel Alright.” Please listen to it. Here it is:

  4. Amen, beautiful words 🙂

  5. Beautiful post. Really nice peace of writing.

  6. Great perspective, Miss Lilet – I love the “melting point” analogy! Many blessings to you – in both life and your writing – I look forward to sharing “blog-servations” from time to time!

  7. Hey there! I love this post btw and I enjoy your blog so I’m forwarding you the awards of : the Candle lighter award, and the one lovely blog award: http://ranaarmoush.wordpress.com/my-awards/ Enjoy them!

  8. Loved your blog! I just discovered you, and I love your joy and honesty! I’m going to continue exploring your blog’s corners! 🙂

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