Letter: Dear Believers 2012

Dear Believers 2012,

Here we go again! The all time favorite which is making a list of resolutions, wishes, things to do /not to do, and promises for this year 2012. We all know that reality bites and we should watch every belief that randomly going on in our minds. And I guess Year 2012 were going to say this “GOOD LUCK”. Smirking! But still  it’s nice to hear “GOD BLESS” with a genuine smile.

Now, it’s time to make ourselves be more enthusiastic to believe again in our  dreams,  goals, unfinished business/love affair or whatsoever we want to make-believe. (I’m exactly telling it to myself, Believe!)  Or I should call it another year of chances to believe again and make it.

Have you ever  caught yourself raising hands and saying I Believe, believe, believe in your most dramatic moment. It’s like you’re the only one standing and felt like you defeated your fear and waking up like you’re a brand new person. Whew! It’s no joke, but I’ve seen a lot. It’s like they make miracles. What I mean is giving ourselves a potent chance to make it. It’s like giving yourself a favor to glow in the dark, having a feeling that you can conquer all odds.

(A bubbling and glowing moment of my sister)

And there’s nothing wrong with that positivity, even you do it in your most exaggerating way. It’s how you deal with it. A self-affirmation to cover up the whole day. Inhaling positive introspection and exhaling negative inclination. So, I decided to elaborate my perception on believing.

1. Believing is a powerful choice.

We all have the power to extract every single detail we want to dig deeper into our life, even though there were certain unexpected happenings that getting in our way, yet we must pursue what choices we will choose. Yes, picking up choices is not as easy depending on the situation. Maybe you’ll have some dilemma in few consecutive nights and sluggish eye-bags of course. But mind you, it’s the first step to let you know how capable you are. Let yourself examine and digest every bit of what magnificent choice that stuck in your mind.The bottom line, it’s mainly an individual choice. Believing is a choice and one way of saying that we are simply powerful making choices to believe.

2. Believing is a head turning decision.

Left or right? Choices, now it’s time to decide. The act of deciding to believe. We all undergo the time pressure situation to decide which one. But jumping into it is a risky thing yet it makes you an egregious person who wants to make an initiative to make it worth believing. This moment takes a second look with wide eyes open.

3. Believing is a strong emotion.

We tend to depend on an emotion every day, either we want it to be a glorious day nor a cloudy day. It seems that we are fully involved in a situation that merely a strong emotion immersed to justify what we want. We are injecting healthy emotion to believe. It is something that flows within saying ” you are going to smile and believe today.

4. Believing is a freedom.

We are capable of doing such things we want. You can entirely be a sole survivor on  your own way. You can toss yourself in believing on whatever principles you have but learn to respect other rules. Practicing and applying  rules that you believe is freedom itself.

5. Believing is an act of faith.

A deeper side of us believes that every strong faith that boils within is entitled to soar up high, to make this believing an extraordinary event in our life. It is  believing that God will either catch us nor help us fly to make it. We just have to believe and believe again.

We all have ways to believe. If you believe that you can make it, you’re right. Well, everyone is capable of believing. So, better pack your choices, grab your decisions, take a look, feel free do it and believe. Believe again. There were always a consequence for everything but trying to believe is one way to deal with life’s defy. It may harm you, beat you for an instance or on the positive side, it can be a life changing. And to sum it up, believing is a personal and optional. Fellow believers 2012, make your way to believe again. And say to yourself “I believe, believe, believe”, and always make an initiative to work on it. And again I’m telling it to myself to believe again. I believe.

Yours truly,

Miss L


34 comments on “Letter: Dear Believers 2012

  1. Great post! I have a charm bracelet that has the word “Believe” on it. 🙂 Happy New Year!!

  2. Dearest Lilet!! I loved your 2012!! Very inspirational….I am so excited with your writing, you have much to say, and to share is True Love!! May God Bless You Mightily This New Year!! Sending Love and Prayers Always~ Your Texas Grandma

  3. nice post. May you have a blessed 2012. This post is going to inspire lots of people. Great piece of writing.:)

  4. Thank you for liking my Walk by Faith and I Believe posts. You are a very talented, inspirational communicator. I also especially appreciate how you can link scripture quotes to your posts.

  5. Wow…what a great word to start the new year with…thanks for giving the power of that word!

  6. great post! it IS about dang time we start believing again, isn’t it??

  7. Hello thank you for reading and pressing like on my post. This is a positive message and the picture is a nice touch 🙂

  8. This is a really good post 🙂 Whatever you believe in, you always have to be prepared to answer why? This post challenged me to ask that question 🙂

    • Hi aldunn1,
      Thanks for the question! 🙂 It’s the question that has been stewing in my head before I decided to post this (believers 2012).., I asked myself “WHY’?.

      Because I always believed that there’s someone up there guiding me. (you know what i mean?) they called it faith. Those with faith believe, so I choose to believe for my own reasons like, I believe in God, because it’s the only thing that make sense for me. We are all faced with a choice—to believe in or not. 🙂

  9. Amen!! I Believe that God is going to do great things in the lives of those that Believe and Stand on his Promises!

  10. Beautiful post and site! I love your passion!

  11. This is very inspiring and well articulated. I love that you laid everything out for us to comprehend. Keep shinning your light and sending love to people… Being the change you wish to see in the world, is a powerful principle… and I see you doing just that.


  12. Nice one 🙂
    thanks for chosen “like” my post..appreciate that.
    best of luck for your future 🙂

  13. Good thoughts. I can forget to put things in perspective sometimes, and I forget to believe, especially in God at times. Good reminders.

  14. With the challenges of 2012 all ready poking out their little heads, your post is inspiration and is worth pondering over.

  15. Spoken Like A True Believer, You Can Write The Hell Out Of An Article Ma, Impressive And Believe It Or Not I’m Actually Hard To Impress -,o

  16. Thank you so much for this wonderful, inspirational post, Miss L! Yes, it’s all about believing and having faith and your words conveyed these perfectly! Thanks also for your visits; I’ll be back soon…xx

  17. Amen, sister!!!…I’m glad you like it.Thanks and God bless you more

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