About me

What else could I ask for if I’M BURNING’ WITH LOVE?

I love every little thing that I have….. I’m taking all the chances to experience life with different exciting emotions, with different amazing people, and I’m putting my love to reach any destination. I’m using my love to upgrade and double-up my faith. I started loving certain things I hate before which means  LOVE can really make things possible, if you let it in.  I love changes, it make’s life more interesting and more blessings pouring down. I’m an old soul (hahaha). I’m not perfect, and my flaws make me unique. I’m free.



56 comments on “About me

  1. wow – lovin your passion to be content with loving

  2. Ah, thank you for checking out Shadows of Love and liking one of the stories!

  3. Many thanks for dropping by my Sanctuary.. Miss L..
    And may you forever hold hands with Faith..
    Love and Light sent your way

  4. Love your love of your life! Thanks so much for liking my blog today. I am now following yours!

  5. Ty for visiting my blog, Love your blog btw. God Bless U:)

  6. And God loves you too!
    Nice refreshing blogs on happiness, love and faith.
    May God continue to bless you and your work.

  7. Love love love…so happy to be full of it!!!

    Be encouraged. Be inspired. Be who He created you to be.

    Bella Gtace

  8. thanks for liking a post in my humble blog 🙂 looking forward to read urs as well 🙂

  9. Thanks for the like! I hope you come back and see me soon!

  10. You made an old man smile!

  11. Hello Lilet

    thank you for stopping by my place earlier and liking some of my posts – I sincerly appreciate it.

    Good for you for having found something / someone to believe in so passionately

    🙂 K.

  12. I love your passion for life and the Creator!!!
    You’re an inspiration, my dear:)

    (And thanks for the “like” on my blog!)

  13. miss L… you are one person who loves everything…wow…sound positive n great… 🙂

  14. Hello dear, Congratulations! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, check it out here: http://allaboutlemon.com/2012/02/06/whew-more-versatile-blogger-awards/
    Enjoy and have fun 🙂 You deserved it!


  15. You have been tagged by Mrs. Sparkly’s Ten Commandments. Go here to see what to do next.
    Tag you’re it! Enjoy

  16. Thanks for checking out my blog and liking my posts! I love your loving energy!!

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  18. Thank you for stopping by
    And liking two of my posts
    Interesting blog
    Will follow

  19. This is so beautiful! Keep spreading the love and having fun!

  20. Nice to meet you and thanks for joining my blog. I’m looking forward to knowing more about you Miss L 🙂

  21. Hi dear… Thanks for liking my post.. although I know some people just like some random posts to get more people followed but anyway ur blog is amazing and I want to follow u… please remind me to add you on my blogroll… Lets create an army of love!

    • Once I’ve clicked the like button it means that a post is worth liking and I found so many interesting stuff in your blog, so expect more likes from me! Ok, I will remind you from time to time 🙂 haha Thanks a lot, Kristiina.

      • Haha thats great that u really liked my post, haha 🙂 I already added u in my blogroll… keep up the positivity and love 🙂

  22. Hey!
    Want to start a new bookclub? One book a month?

    I’d love to have you along 🙂
    Do tell – http://gargisharma1.wordpress.com/2012/05/22/bookclub/

  23. checking in late ?
    May be…

    am I gonna be lost ?
    Let us see !!!

    following with eagerness !

  24. Hello my dear friend, You Are Loved! Thank you so much for your constant support and following All About Lemon and as a token of my gratitude, please accept my gift for you here:
    Enjoy it and cheers!
    Dolly xoxo

  25. Hi Miss L, I know it’s late but I nominated you for the “Blog Of The Year” award. Check it out:

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