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Letter: Dear Believers 2012

Letter: Dear Believers 2012

Dear Believers 2012, Here we go again! The all time favorite which is making a list of resolutions, wishes, things to do /not to do, and promises for this year 2012. We all know that reality bites and we should watch every belief that randomly going on in our minds. And I guess Year 2012 […]

What’s the good thing about CRYING???

I’ve done it perfectly and yet at the end of it……… I hate the idea of wiping my tears , seeing myself drowning in tears and seeing  someone else having trouble dealing with their own tears. I felt like there’s too much pain and suffering and those tears are visible evidence that crying is a […]


All mother’s deserve a bunch of hugs and kisses. They are born naturally with warm heart, someone who can comfort us  in our deepest pain and love us no matter what happen .They are SUPERHEROES  (SUPERMOM) in disguise because every day  they render priceless love and care….they deserve to be treated well………LOVE OUR MOTHER’S……. Last […]